Something Like I'm Beautiful

"Leap" is on iTunes and the TUNES page!

I just returned from another western
Canadian tour. Thanks to all the people
who made it out to my shows this summer including Ottawa and Montreal. I hope to be back soon!

has some photos of the highlights, as well as
new lyrics and home demos, chronicles of my
adventures in Nashville and tour to The
Netherlands. (And other fun shenanigans
including my gardening experiment!)

Thanks to everyone who came to the Toronto
Centre for the Arts show! My first time on a
Marquis and Ticketmaster!

Thanks to Monica Winfield at the BBC Radio
Leicester who has been playing my music for
the past few months and called me "massively
talented." That is smashing! I will be heading
back to Europe this fall.. stay tuned for more
show announcements! :)

Thank you for checking out my site and music.




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